ledgerjokersues's Journal

Gotham deserves a better class of fanfic.

Not that it's happened yet, but should you see your fanfic reported here and decide to bitch about it to me on this journal, I will take no mercy.

That being said, I'll be nice if you're nice to me.

I probably won't remove any entries for you, though, even if you are. So really, what's the point of bitching at all?

Best to just move on, eh?


Ah, Ledger-Joker. Ah, the Joker character himself! What could've been more wonderful than first watching Heath Ledger's performance as the Clown Prince of Crime in Nolan's epic movie, the Dark Knight? I myself was on the edge of my seat the entire time, absolutely in awe or giggling insanely whenever the Joker walked into a scene. Nothing could have ruined his fantastic performance for me.

Of course, the internet is a foul beast. It mutilates all things good and pure, and Heath Ledger's Joker is no exception to that. For some strange reason, many pre-pubescent girls, after watching the movie, felt compelled to write fanfiction. Joker fanfiction. The Joker... with Mary Sues.

And you know if it's a big fad in real life, it's going to be an even bigger one on the internet. The fad has left many Joker fics in its wake, and possibly more will come after the DVD release and its last IMAX showings in January.

Hence this journal. I will gather the LedgerJoker Sues. I will snark them. And it will be good. And probably easy, considering what the Pit of Voles has to offer.